From our graduates:


The ATTC enhanced my spiritual development, self and collective understanding, and commitment to develop karma yoga projects. Overall, I have a more genuine sense of what it means to be a yogi.
—April 2015 graduate

The ATTC is a solid program. The Sivananda ashram has an abundance of top teachers, an incredibly array of programming, and a beautiful and pure lineage.
—Earle B.

In addition to the course material which provided an expanded awareness for meditation, every satsang enhanced the learning with presentations from renowned scientists, musicians, and healers alike. I am forever grateful to Swami Sivananda and Swami Visnudevananda for sharing the path and creating the opportunity. I am closer to Peace, closer to Self and burning with desire to share.
—Elizabeth J.

It was challenging. The discipline was good to help reset daily habits that do not serve me. All my teachers were inspiring and full of love.
—Chelsea K.

By far the most comprehensive, complete, and authentic Yoga Teacher Training program I have ever seen. The full immersion in yogic lifestyle was very rewarding!

ATTC was an amazing experience! Great group, great teachers, great time! The location is beautiful! This place is where I go when I need peace, silence, and yoga. Highly recommended.

The dedication of all of the teachers to maintaining a consistent message reflecting Swami Sivananda’s teachings is very inspiring. The retreat is a place of love where you feel safe to challenge yourself and explore your limits with the support of knowledgeable, caring people.
—Rukmini (Pat Russell)

A truly transformational experience both spiritually and mentally. I was overwhelmed by the ashram experience in the beginning, however, I have grown to love the community, the spirit, the energy, and the people.
—Kamala Devi

The teachers and my classmates are amazing, knowledgable, friendly, and open-hearted. It was pleasant just to be in their company.

The Sanskrit & Vedanta classes were inspirational, as were Iswara’s asana classes — a real blessing. Thank you!
—Victoria Clifford

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