Shri Mukundan Santhanam was born in a Hereditary Vaishnavaa priest family (Bhattars) in Thiru Naavalur, Villupuram District, TN, India. He was initiated in religious and Vedic practices from childhood. He belongs to the Vaikaanasa Sect of the Vaishnavaas and conducts all types of Purva and Apara ceremonies. With over 29 years of experience in various religious and spiritual rituals he has travelled widely for various religious ceremonies and festivals on special invitation throughout in India, as well internationally, and has settled in the USA since 2008. His specializations include Alankaaram to various Deities, Homams, Temple Rituals, and Pooja Vidhis. He has been awarded the Title of “Alankara Rathnakaram” by Shri Maha Vishnu Venkateshwara Devasthanam, Columbo, Sri Lanka in 2002 and the Title of “Alankara Bhooshanam” by Tamilnadu Archakarkal Sangham.in 2004. Mukundan Santhanam speaks Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.

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