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The Sivananda Daily Chant

  Chant with us! Please enjoy this video of the Sivananda Daily Chant, led by Swami Hridyananda and filmed during satsang at the Yoga Retreat in March 2014. We hope you find inspiration and return often. Here is the translation:   Jaya Gaṇeśa …

Gina Sala and Daniel Paul Chant at the SIvananda Sharam Yoga Retreat |

Gina Salá & Daniel Paul Chanting Ganesha Namah Om

In April, Gina Salá and Daniel Paul blessed the ashram with divine chanting. Please enjoy this clip capturing the beauty and bhakti of these two amazing performers. Chant along and start removing some obstacles with Ganesha!

Watch: An Investment Banker-Turned Yogi Brings Healing to War Vets|

Watch: An Investment Banker-Turned Yogi Brings Healing to War Vets

video interview and blog post by Sura Molly Birkholm was an investment banker in New York City when she nearly died in a serious taxi cab accident. After an SUV struck them sideways while running a red light, Molly experienced near-death injuries, endu …

Swami Swaroopananda Q&A |

If The World Is Illusion, What Is The Purpose Of Science?

Swami Swaroopananda Q&A |

What Is the Relationship Between Grace and Karma?