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Yoga of Recovery: Why We’re Addicted and How Yoga Brings Back Balance

Yoga is the bridge from unwanted dependency to  healthy and happy attachment in moderation. In reality, we are the masters of our minds and our bodies. Yoga shows us the way to regaining control of our thoughts and actions.

Yoga for Children and Families

The Family Yoga Holiday Program at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat gives families a chance to take a break from their busy lives and come back to themselves. Children get to experience kid-friendly yogic activities during the times when parents participa …

The Power of Sacred Sounds: How to Use Mantra to Cultivate Balance

The long use of Sanskrit mantras continues into the modern day; this ancient practice can bring incredible benefit to your own life and is easy to incorporate into the busiest of schedules. Read more to discover how to uplift yourself with mantra and how to use and incorporate mantra practices (such as kirtan, meditation with a japa mala, etc.) in your daily life so that you too can experience profound benefits for energy, concentration, and mental health. 

Don’t Stress the ZZZs: Yoga and Sleep

Hatha yoga involves gentle body postures and breathing techniques. Putting one’s body in these gentle postures helps to release tension and pain that could be holding you back from good sleep; breathing techniques center and calm the mind, helping to reduce the chatter that keeps you awake in bed.

Yogic Recipes for Busy Lives: Yummy Superfood Banana Nice Cream

Some people limit their fruit intake to just mornings or desserts. Yogis say, eat more fruit! This refreshing snack is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and all the health-promoting properties of fruit.