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Sivananda Bahamas in the Kitchen

We’re Recruiting: Cook and Assistant Cooks Needed

One thought on “We’re Recruiting: Cook and Assistant Cooks Needed

  1. Charlotte Hudson-Madge

    I would like to deepen my spiritual practice and to see in the process of doing this, surrounded by like-minded individuals is a gift and one that I will deeply respect. Aum Shanti.

  2. Charlotte Hudson-Madge

    Hi. Having read your website information regarding this karma yoga retreat, I am wholeheartedly interested in being an assistant cook for you and to share and integrate my spiritual practice with you at this retreat center. I practice daily in yoga, meditation, devotional chanting, dance, journaling, and walks in nature. I study yoga and am yet to be certified to teach. Yogic lifestyle and the spiritual way of life is my journey of self-mastery. If I am to be entrusted with this divine service for you in this beautiful ashram, I wholeheartedly take responsibility for providing a selfless service from my heart. Peace be with you. Om Shanti!

    • Charlotte Hudson-Madge

      I also have experience with working in kitchens, restaurants, and with cooking healthy vegan food at meditation retreats.

  3. Suzanne Lee white

    I’m very interested in the opportunity to serve. I’ve owned a small breakfast restaurant for 20 years . I’m very experienced in the kitchen as a cook or assist and cook even dishwashing and cleanup . I’m also a certified Thai yoga nasssge therapist and foot reflexologist & reiki master so I could also serve in that field as well. I’m looking to spend a month or more at the ashram in community and service as with like minded people as an offering . Om Shanti

  4. Amy Skiles

    Interested in karma yoga service.

  5. Coleen

    I am intereated in Karma Yoga.
    I havr had experiences with Sivinanda in Canada and India.
    I have many domestic skills and skills related to 30 years in nursing to offer.
    I have studied 20 years with Sufis and am familiar with retreat, extended retreat and life in community.

  6. Annamarie Aigotti

    I just received my 200 hour yoga certification and during that time I learned about Karma yoga and felt a pull towards this as a way to express my gratitude for the experience. I would love to be considered as an assistant. I am an experienced cook and the kitchen is my happy place.

  7. Isabel Chavarin Garcia-Prieto

    Hi. I would love to work and help at your kitchen.
    I am mexican and I am a chef, with diploma long experience cooking for lots of people 500. Even though I am not an expert en vegan food, But I am a quick learn.
    I do also practice yoga (7 years aprox)
    I’ve been looking for a while a place like yours, where I can learn more about yoga, meditation and always willing to serve and to share.
    It would be an honor to have all that with you

  8. Steven Fischer

    Serve Love,
    May I be please be considered as a Karma Yoga Cook?
    Learning Ayurveda Food as Medicine at Sivananda’s Grass Valley Ashram has changed my life. Friends and family are now considering Swami Vishnudevananda’s teaching of proper diet after tasking some of these recipes.
    Thank you!

  9. Daniel Damodhara Blais

    Hi Om nama Sivaya. I wish the situation of the ashrama is good and you go through this sad natural event that just happened to your country. So, i am interested in going to serve in the kitchen, as an assistant, or in any other needs that you have. as housekeeping, garden, etc. I was serving in Canada Val Morin Sivananda ashrama for quite a long period, in Orleans (France) Sivananda ashrama for three months, in india (Madurai meenakshi sivananda more than one year, ashrama Guddur three months and in uttar kashi ashram, three weeks).
    I would like to answer to your seek of an assistant in the kitchen. I was working in he kitchen in France as assistant, and in Canada i was often aassistant or just cook for quite a number of persons. I will say i am absolutly not chief cook. I was also assistant cook in different other places where i was serving.
    I wqs quite responsible for many housekeeping works and i was working two months as helper in the garden in Canada.
    I did my ttc, attc and intensive sadhana.

    So i am free now to go serving, for the period you ask, three months, beginning october to the end of winter, i am free and ready to go. Just tell me when you will need.
    my age is 59, i am in good shape.

    om santi. Damodhara Daniel Blais.

  10. Mylena De Rosso

    Hari Om,
    I did my Sivananda Yoga teacher training in the ashram in Bahamas and stayed afterwards as a Karma yogi, and worked as assistant cook in the ashram kitchen in 2016.
    I would love to come back to the ashram in October/November and stay for karma yoga in the kitchen.
    Since 2016 I have taken a Sivanda course in France related to the Yogic way of cooking and have a little bit of knowledge about ayurvedic cooking.
    Please let me know about the procedure, I would be really happy to serve again!

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