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The Sivananda Daily Chant

One thought on “The Sivananda Daily Chant

  1. ardas alena

    what beautiful chants! Is it possible to get the chords? I would love to practice at home.

  2. Arlèna

    Oh the memories of my TTC during February 2017 came flooding back! It is so wonderful to be able to chant along with Swami Hridyananda. Om Namah Sivaya.

  3. Jendy

    Would it be possible to add the words of the final prayer, after the main chanting?

    • Bhavani

      I myself would love to have the Arati to sing along to as well ! Swami Bramananda singing it was so powerful and there is nothing like it online.

  4. Ambika

    TTC in 2007 was a great experience and Swami Hridyanananda looking for peace and singing the daily chant continue to make a great impact and hope
    Hari om tat sat

  5. trish

    Yoga, Meditation and Chanting..! What a way to start the day.. Blessings to all. Peace, Love Health & Joy. *

  6. Nada

    Om Om Om, thank you so much for this version of the Sivananda daily chant! It brings me back to that place of rest and peace, Namaste🙏

  7. Joyce

    Hari Om Tat Sat

    This is truly uplifting,Beautiful Satsang chanting and easy to follow. Thank you for making available.
    Om Namah Shiya,

  8. Cynthia

    Thank you for bringing this precious practice into my home, far away from your golden shores, in the midst of northern snow and cold. It warms my soul and blesses my day

  9. Mahalakshmi

    Thank you for letting us connect in this way! Om namah shivaya

  10. rudra of minneapolis

    My favorite swami chanting now that Mahadev has retired.

  11. Patricia Keen (Vani Devi)

    Om Om,

    so happy that this was translated in such a clear manner. Thank you.

  12. Parvati

    This was so wonderful! Is it possible to upload more chanting from the ashram?!

    Om Namah shivaya

  13. Jill Sassone

    Would you translate this in English for me please?

  14. Jill Sassone

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you.

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