Chef Sanjai co-founded Vedika Global in  2007, a not-for-profit teaching and learning foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area with his partner Acharya Shunya. Together they lead annual detoxes for their global community of seekers and students who come  to them from different parts of the world to learn Ayurveda, along with its sister sciences Yoga  and Vedanta.

Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
April 10 — 18, 2022
Swami Swaroopananda, Acharya Shunya, Chef Sanjai, Raymond Moody, Marilyn Rossner, Bishop Trevor Williamson, Swami Hridyananda, Swami Brahmananda, Swami Paramananda, Jnaneshwari Chaitanya, Rukmini Chaitanya, Krishna Chaitanya, and Krishnan Namboodiri

Experience your own radiant inner health. This symposium brings together leaders who draw on yoga, ancient spiritual wisdom, modern psychology, and the shared focus on health as our natural state.


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