Creating Healing Balance Through Permaculture with Richard Powell

Presenter Spotlight: Richard Powell

Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I teach permaculture, an applied ecological design science, to empower mankind to heal the earth.

Why do you do what you do?
In short, to create Eden with our local and global community. To assist at least in some small way to create true, lasting, and sincere peace on Earth.

What are you currently fascinated by in your work?
In addition to my love of teaching and sharing permaculture, I am a student of the Ayurvedic Institute. I am endlessly fascinated in not merely the interweaving nature of these two systems but deeper still that permaculture, Ayurveda, and yoga truly are one divine design science. Vata, Pitta, Kapha exist in permaculture as readily as they exist within the human body. We can approach our doshic imbalances through soil and soul alike.

How did you come to your path? Any aha moments or key teachers?
I was raised in the country amidst the power and beauty of the land, seasons, and a simple way of life. I feel my whole life has been an intimate relationship with the earth.

What book(s) are you currently reading?
Through Amazonian Eyes by Emilio Moran and The Greatness of Saturn by Robert Svoboda.

Richard Powell (Dhyanananda) is an experienced permaculture designer, consultant, installer, and teacher. He is the founder of Orlando Permaculture, a Florida-based non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering community through permaculture. Among other topics, Richard has studied organic horticulture in Europe, bamboo architecture in South America, and cob architecture in the US.

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