Yoga Vacation Program
October 20 — 23, 2022

Prana & Pranayama: The Science of Vitality

Swami Paramananda

Through the practice of Pranayama, the body becomes strong and healthy and the Mind becomes one-pointed. With regular practice, you will begin to experience long-term joy, spiritual light, and peace of mind. The Yogi has the ability to store an abundance of Prana by regular practice of Pranayama just as the storage battery stores electricity. The Yogi who has stored up a large supply of Prana radiates strength and vitality all around.

During this Pranayama Weekend Retreat, Swami Paramananda will guide you through sessions of Pranayama practices to increase vitality and mental focus. You will learn the proper technique of the Pranamaya exercises and gain a thorough understanding of the tremendous benefits of Pranayama practice. You will also receive valuable guidance on how to cultivate your own Pranayama Practice at home.

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain tools and understanding of how to systematically develop your Pranayama practice at home
  • Increase your vitality and power of concentration
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of the correct way to practice Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma
  • Realize how Pranayama practice leads to vibrant and inspired living.

Offered as 1 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change).

Swami Paramananda is the manager of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch and longtime teacher of Sivananda Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Bahamas, New York, and India. A much-loved teacher admired for his humor, warmth, and devotion to the practice, he seamlessly weaves classical yoga teachings into modern daily life.

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