Yoga Vacation Program
April 9 — 12, 2019

Practicing Presence, Finding Peace

Julie Lusk

Inviting mindfulness into your daily routine trickles benefits into every portion of your life. Training yourself to experience presence and peace is a perpetual practice — and one that you can refine through diverse methods throughout your lifetime. When you do, your life becomes rich, whole, and satisfying.

There is no one way to practice presence — you can choose from a multitude of colorful techniques. From a yogic perspective, the better equipped you are with practical approaches you enjoy, the more prepared you are to savor life’s experiences.

Using yogic practices as your cornerstones, you will experience a unique state of mental clarity, insightful awareness, and well-being, allowing you to soothe physical and emotional upsets.
You will also learn to integrate:

  • Mindfulness for a bright outlook, strong memory, sharp focus, and balanced perspective
  • Yoga Nidra for renewal, self-understanding, and changemaking
  • Guided imagery for calming the mind
  • Mudras and breathwork for maximizing health, calming the mind, and finding relief from pain and insomnia

Combining restful techniques with the sunshine, ocean breezes, and beauty of the ashram, you will return home feeling lighter, brighter, and refreshed from a deeply relaxing yoga experience.

Offered as 4 workshops (subject to change)

Julie Lusk, MEd, E-RYT 500, brings more than 40 years of expertise in yoga, relaxation training, guided imagery, and meditation to her work. A writer, recording artist, and workshop leader, Julie is known for bringing out the light in others. Julie has authored six books including Yoga Nidra Meditations: 24 Scripts for Total Relaxation, Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation & Stress Relief, Yoga Meditations and two volumes of 30 Scripts for Relaxation, Imagery and Inner Healing. She is the creator of numerous CDs.

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