Yoga Vacation Program
June 19 — 22, 2022

Manifesting Potential

Antonio Sausys

There is a direct connection between blockages in the body and obstacles in life. The three Pawanmuktasana series offer a road map for optimal use of your life force toward the manifestation of your full potential. These healing sequences focus on removing physical and energetic blockages. If you have low energy, illness, or inhibited movement, these series may be especially beneficial for you.

Offered as 1 satsang and 3 workshops.

Leave this retreat with an incredible manifestation toolkit involving:

  • How to unblock the flow of vital force, which is a pre-condition for manifestation (PMA 1)
  • A set of simple yet powerful joint exercises to re-establish free movement (PMA 1)
  • How to clean the willpower center so your manifestation accomplishes the true desires of your heart (PMA 2)
  • A set of exercises to increase awareness of the Hara and tone the muscles related to it (PMA 2)
  • How to unblock the creative force so you can use your available energy to remove obstacles and resolve challenges that arise (PMA 3)
  • A set of exercises involving the pelvic area and breathing techniques alongside potent visualizations (PMA 3)
  • How to practice all 3 series together to receive a profound and practical path for the manifestation of your full potential
  • Additional techniques for self-reflection to enhance the effectiveness of the series

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the practice of bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. The word manifestation means to create something, to turn something from an idea into palpable reality. Manifesting is about using your thought patterns, mindset, self-beliefs to shift your perspective and attract the world you want to be living in. At its core, manifesting is about actualizing your goals through clear-set intentions that are realized in every facet of your daily wellbeing: your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, and your belief systems.

What are the benefits of manifestation?

The world is a reflection of your mind. Most of the time our minds are caught up in a typhoon of emotions, memories, and thoughts. Because of this, there is a distinct lack of presence; when our minds are caught up in these states, we are existing in a fiction created by the worries of the past, plans for the future, and the (mis)perceptions of the present.

Self-reflection and the acquisition of knowledge through courses like Manifesting Potential offer ideal tools for purifying the mind and cleansing the body to make both ready for manifestation. Intention and thereby manifestation should never come from a state of lack or need. Intention, the seed of manifestation, is best planted from a place of contentment and heightened awareness. This awareness and contentment leads to manifestation and manifestation prolongs the state of awareness and contentment.

When we feel that we have the physical exercise toolkits necessary to free our bodies of blockages that are energetic, mental, and physical, when we feel that we can visualize the manifestation of our full potential, we become empowered in our daily activities. Furthermore, we radiate joy and find it easier to take on life’s stresses, transmuting these stresses easily into spiritually-rich lessons.

Antonio Sausys is a somatic psychotherapist and yoga teacher specializing in one-on-one yoga therapy for people with chronic and acute medical and emotional conditions. The author of Yoga for Grief Relief and television host of YogiViews, he lectures and teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the University of California Berkeley, and College of Marin and has also developed a Yoga for Cancer program. Antonio was the founder and executive director of Yoga for Health, an international yoga therapy conference.

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