Yoga Vacation Program
December 5 — 7, 2023

Heart-Based Ayurveda

A Multidimensional Approach to Healing

Paul Dugliss, MD

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, has long recognized the connection between the mind, body, and spirit in achieving true health. Join us and Dr. Paul Dugliss, one of the first physicians to integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into modern healthcare, to explore the full potential of this holistic approach to healing.

Through an exploration of the koshas, or levels of our being, you will gain a deeper understanding of your multidimensional existence. From the physical body to the energetic field, and even the spiritual realm, you will discover how Ayurvedic principles apply at every level.

What sets this program apart is its heart-based approach to healing. By tapping into the flow of spiritual heart energy, you will unlock a powerful tool for transformation and healing. And with simple-to-learn techniques, you will be able to harness this energy to heal yourself and others at every level of your being.

Whether you are a health practitioner, a spiritual seeker, or someone looking to enhance your own health, this program is an essential resource for anyone interested in unlocking the full potential of Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change).

Dr. Paul Dugliss is a pioneer in the American medical system being one of the first physicians to integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into modern healthcare.

As an Internal Medicine resident in the 1990s he was chosen to become Director of a brand new Complementary & Alternative Medicine Center in Westland, Michigan. This experience led him to the realization that teaching people how to access true health could not come from within the current medical paradigm. This in turn led him to begin teaching Ayurveda and the creation of the New World Ayurveda school.

Now Dr. Paul trains people from all backgrounds to cultivate consciousness and understand our unique constitutions in order to create true balance and real health. His students have gone on to become leaders in the field and are part of the movement to empower people to take care of their health with lifestyle based prevention founded on ancient medical systems.

Dr. Paul has written seven books on Ayurveda, has traveled the world as a guest speaker, and is regularly consulted as an expert on a variety of health and consciousness-related projects. He has devoted his life to bringing Ayurveda to the mainstream and continues to bring all of his knowledge to his students with an ever-evolving understanding of what living as a conscious, whole person, rooted in the heart means.



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