Yoga Vacation Program
March 29 — 31, 2024

Kirtan and the Bhakti Mandala

Healing Through Chant

David Newman (Durga Das)

Join chant artist, best selling author, and inspirational teacher, David Newman (Durga Das) for a healing journey into the art and practice of Kirtan and the ancient yet timely practice of Bhakti Yoga, ‘The Yoga of Love’. Kirtan, a transformational and joyful mantra practice, uses the power of sound and devotion to uplift the mind and open the heart! In addition to group chanting, David will offer insight into the meaning and therapeutic healing applications of Kirtan and practical guidance for embracing the Path of Love as a way of life.

Offered as 2 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change)

David Newman , Durga Das, is a renowned sacred mantra artist and inspirational teacher.
His album Love Is Awake was #1 on iTunes World Music, and his book The Timebound Traveller was #1 on Amazon. He brings his mission of peace and universal love into many charitable endeavours, including bringing mantra into institutions such as prisons, psychiatric centres and homeless shelters.

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