Yoga Vacation Program
June 11, 2022

When You Fall Into the Sea

Tanya Hanna

How do we navigate the literal and figurative storms that cross our path? How do we stay calm and not panic when life is seemingly unfortunate?

Let’s fortify our inner world together. Step away from your regular routine and into a soul-restoring experience. Spend the night enjoying the smooth sounds of Paul & Tanya Hanna, The Bahamas music icons. Take this opportunity to have their healing songs soothe, relax, and restore your soul to a state of radiant health, inner peace, and complete bliss and joy. Paul Hanna, a Jazz legend, was recently awarded the Unesco Award along with Sir Sidney Poitier for outstanding contributions to the music industry.

This concert is named FALLING INTO THE SEA to remind us that everything in life is only temporary and that if you allow yourself to metaphorically fall into the sea, you can manifest life-changing decisions with a single thought. Join us on this eventful night of music and celebration to melt away the stresses of daily life and open your heart to a nature-filled environment, like-minded company, and the healing power of music with songs like AWAY FROM THE DAILY GRIND. Find a way to dance in the rains of life, feel better in your inner world, and embrace the thorny and beautiful path of spiritual growth!

This program will occur on the last day of the 10-day celebration for our acharya (spiritual director) Swami Swaroopananda’s birthday at the ashram. Don’t miss the conclusion to the festivities with Paul and Tanya Hanna’s beautiful ode to humanity.

Find our boat schedule here for free transportation to the event from the Elizabeth on Bay Marina.

Casual and modest attire requested.

Tanya Hanna is a Bahamian music icon as well as a producer, songwriter, musician, and vocalist. She has toured in the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Tanya has performed with top R&B artist Jeffrey Osbourne, as well as Grammy winners Jeff Haynes, Gary Haase, Roger Ryan, Stan Getz, and Chick and Gail Corea. A recipient of many awards, She also a wellness advocate and is actively involved in her local community.

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