Yoga Vacation Program
May 1 — 3, 2020

Cultivating Willpower Through Yoga

Iswara Chaitanya

The practice of yoga helps us to remember who we are and to move toward our True Self. Within this frame, willpower becomes an effortless act of love. As we cultivate a more wholesome state of mind and devote ourselves to spiritual practice, we begin to notice that unwholesome habits fall away on their own. In our one desire to know the Self, those actions that do not serve that sole purpose begin to dissolve.

Offered as 3 satsangs (subject to change).

Iswara Chaitanya is a Sivananda Yoga practitioner and teacher of many years and a senior staff member at the ashram. He currently serves the ashram as the head of Reception and IT manager, as well as teaching many courses including in the ATTC.

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