Yoga Vacation Program
April 25 — 28, 2019

Assisted Yoga Using Thai Massage


In this program, we will focus on how to bring Thai Massage to the 12 basic postures of the Sivananda Yoga practice. You will learn to safely adjust others in yoga postures using Thai Yoga Massage touch techniques.  These ancient techniques include counterbalancing and levering the recipient’s body with your own, gradual touch, and proper positioning, and allow you to practice adjustments with confidence, precision, and depth.  You will gain an understanding of how to read the body and its mechanics in order to detect misalignments and properly correct them.  This program is for yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, healing arts therapists, and everyone else who is interested.

Offered as 4 workshops (subject to change)

Mirabai was raised in a Sivananda Yoga family. She has been teaching for 20 years and began her Thai Yoga Massage practice in 2007, becoming a close disciple of master Kam Thye Chow. She also holds a degree in psychology, complimenting her extensive knowledge of yoga and lending her grace and depth in her healing practices.

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