Yoga Vacation Program
January 2 — 4, 2022

Adaptive Yoga: Yoga is for Everyone!

Krishna Chaitanya

In this program, you will have the opportunity to explore adaptations to the 12 basic postures of Sivananda Yoga. If you find yoga postures to be difficult due to injury, obesity, sickness, or other physical constraints, this course will assist you to safely and effectively practice and teach yoga to everyone. You will receive personal guidance and discover which modifications are just right for you. As a result, the practice of yoga will become more enjoyable, accessible, and beneficial. This program is also recommended for practitioners of Sivananda Yoga as well as yoga teachers wanting to expand their skills in meeting their students’ needs.

Krishna Chaitanya is a physical therapist, senior staff member of the Yoga Retreat, and senior instructor of Hatha Yoga in the Teacher Training Course and other courses. He has taught for more than 20 years and specializes in working with the elderly population. He teaches Adaptive Yoga, Chair Yoga, and has many years experience helping individuals with all kinds of physical limitations.

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