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9 Tenting Tips at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

One thought on “9 Tenting Tips at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

  1. joanna campbell

    Are there camping supply shops on the main island Nassau?
    Are there any tents for sell by people leaving or left ?

  2. Theresa Caputo

    I would like to take my daughter on the vacation yoga and stay in the ocean view rooms. The date is flexible. 7/25-7/29. What is the total cost

  3. liv

    I may have to bring my luggage from 2 years living abroad which is really just one suitcase with a broken laptop and my favorite makeup that I wear in work settings. I worry about the heat and sun baking my stuff in a tent. Any ideas? Or low-cost luggage storage places in Nassau? Thanks

  4. Diane

    Wondering how you got your tenting gear onsite? Did you ship in advance, take it in the plane and was there assistance transporting it from the airport to your tenting site?

    • Tracey

      Go to a second hand store to buy used large suitcase or bag, shove all your tenting gear in it and pay the extra baggage fees. Taxi and boatman will help you. People in Bahamas are super nice.

  5. Sarah

    Hi there! Any tips on the brand/model of tent? I have a small 2 person REI tent I love, but might be too snug for spending a month in it. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  6. eric sutliff

    Night 1: I’m blissfully asleep when I feel something furry against my leg. Resisting the urge to completely panic, I slowly open one eye to assess my escape options before going completely berserk inside my tent.. That’s when I saw my new best kitty friend snuggling close to me. Not sure how it squeezed in, but, after that, we were best buds.

    • elisa

      HILARIOUUUUUS i can just imagine the scenario !!!!! glad you got to be best buds with one of the resident kitties. they visited my tent often when i was there which i took as a sign of the goddess !!! thanks for bringing me a laugh tonight. much love 🙂

  7. Ingrid

    no tone in email so the “Not sure if that get Swami approval!!” sounds like chastisement and is not very welcoming.

    • Grace Welker

      Hello Ingrid! It sounded light to me … The important thing is that I see that it says there are drying areas already set up.

    • Amanda

      Om, wonderful points! Two additional things that helped me 1) solar light that is light weight and can be attached to top of tent if tent offers a couple strings to tie up something. It was inflatable so deflates to a compact size and offered great visibility at night. 2) a foldable, lightweight zip up IKEA(or any store) storage container. Made out of lightweight material and folded into flat compact item that didn’t take up much space in luggage. Great way to store clothes, misc or snacks while keeping tent neat.

      Good luck!

  8. Lorena Bernal

    I just came back from my TTC, I spent 1 month and a half in my tent and I have to say I loved every part of living such a simple life. You start to appreciate so much the little things, when it was raining I remember loving to see the drops falling, the sound they made. It is such a lovely experience that will definitely recommend to anyone. Another good tip is to have a rope with you, so you can put some wet clothes to get dry under the sun. Om namah sivaya! Stay safe and dry 😉

    • Add-Om

      Not sure that rope tip gets Swami approval Lorena!!.. There are hanging areas near to tenting areas for drying clothes anyway..

      • Nicole

        If she was not admonished by staff or the Ashram director, she did indeed have approval.
        It is very important to allow authority figures to enforce rules of conduct in any setting and allow those with experience to offer guidance.

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