Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course

December 4 - 31, 2014
January 4 - 31, 2015
February 3 - March 2, 2015
March 10 - April 6, 2015
April 9 - May 6, 2015
May 9 - June 5, 2015

Arrival & Departure

At a minimum, you need to plan to arrive the day before the training start date and depart the day after the training end date.

If possible, it is recommended to spend at least a few days in the Yoga Retreat before the start of the training. This will allow your body and mind time to rest, re-energize and be nourished by the ashram environment. You can then begin your studies feeling relaxed and refreshed. We also recommend that you stay for a few days after the completion of the training to allow the teachings you have received to integrate more fully into your consciousness within the supportive environment of the ashram. The longer you can stay, the better.

In the tuition fee (see the Cost tab), accommodations are included for the night before the training start date and for two nights after the training end date (for example, if a training ends on the 2nd, you can leave on the 4th at no additional cost). If you decide to arrive earlier and stay longer than this, please register for the Yoga Vacation Program (and accommodations) for the additional days.

Please see How to Get Here for travel information.