The Well-Being Center

Our natural state is a state of health. The therapies offered at The Well-Being Center are designed to bring you back into this natural state of health. We offer a variety of Ayurvedic treatments and massage therapies that facilitate healing in the energy body, re-establishing health in the physical body and the mind.

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Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, is an ancient system of holistic living that teaches us to balance our daily life with our unique physical and mental constitution through diet, herbs and other lifestyle modifications. During this 2-hour consultation, an Ayurvedic practitioner will explore your unique doshic constitution and evaluate the signs and causes of actual or potential imbalances. A treatment plan is then designed specifically for you.

Please note: The Well-Being Center is only open from December 15 to May 31.

Booking begins November 15, 2014 (for all appointments December 2014-May 2015). Mark your calendar!

After November 15, 2014, you can make an appointment by calling 1-866-559-5167 (US and Canada) or 1-416-479-0199 (all other countries) or by emailing

Please book in advance as appointments sell-out. Don't wait and be disappointed!