A Message from Swami Swaroopananda

Swami Swaroopananda is a senior disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, Director of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, and Acharya (spiritual director) of the Sivananda centers and ashrams on the West Coast of the United States and in the Middle East and the Bahamas. He is a highly knowledgeable and inspiring spiritual teacher.

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Bringing in the Light

Dear Friends,

I offer my heartfelt blessings to you from the Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas. It is my pleasure to present the 2013–2014 program, designed with great care to allow you to go deeper on your spiritual path; to expand your heart, your mind, and your horizons; and to discover the joy of our unity and the beauty of our diversity.

This program is inspired by the vision of our Guru, Swami Visnudevananda, who left a profound and complex legacy. As the years pass, it becomes ever more clear that his mission to help humanity was based on deep wisdom and insight. To him, the source of our human suffering came from the level of our consciousness and the remedy involved a shift of consciousness that would uplift humanity into higher dimensions. He foresaw this shift, which is taking place at this time, but he also knew that like all transformations, it could be painful and difficult. His work was to ease the pain, sooth the transition, and help humanity move forward towards a bright future. He did so by training yoga teachers, conducting peace missions, and teaching humanity about the four paths of yoga and the yoga of synthesis.

Swamiji also recognized that some souls incarnated with the purpose of helping mankind in this transition, including many yogis, saints, spiritual leaders, healers, scientists, sacred artists, and musicians. He made it a point to find those individuals, to invite them to our ashrams and centers, and to ask them to share their knowledge, their wisdom, and their light. His vision was to bring them together so they could interact with one another and let their light truly shine.

In next season’s program, we bring together previously skeptical scientists who awakened to new truths and ground-breaking researchers investigating the nature of reality; we gather rabbis, priests, lamas, and swamis to debate on the ultimate goal of the spiritual path; we invite Ayurvedic healers, Chinese doctors, herbalists, shamans, and physicians to share their vision of health and vitality; and we welcome cantors, gospel choirs, Sufi singers, and kirtan groups to share the ecstasy of devotional singing. Through these gatherings, we continue the mission of Swami Visnudevananda to help humanity on its karmic journey.

I invite you to participate in these events of light, beauty, and wisdom and to contribute by bringing in your own light. We are privileged to be alive at this time, a time that yogis, mystics, scientists, and spiritual leaders recognize as the most special and unique in the history of humanity and planet Earth. Join us, and be part of this truth.

Wishing you a wonderful, fulfilling, and shining year ahead!

Om Shanti, Om Peace
Swami Swaroopananda, Director