The Deeper Heart: Tapping into the Essence of Kirtan

November 12 - 16, 2014

Bhagavan Das


This 5-day retreat journeys deep into the heart of chanting and kirtan with a true master of Nada Yoga, the ancient path of devotion and transformation through sound and tone. For those looking to deepen spiritually and grow as kirtan artists, this is a unique and sacred opportunity to study and practice in-depth with a cultural icon, ground-breaking recording artist, and devoted Bhakti Yogi.

What does it means to lead kirtan? How can you find that magical effectiveness that awakens devotion and moves a group from having simply a pleasant experience into a life-changing transformation? How can you sing from the bottom of your heart and what does that means? How can you be a catalyst in opening the heart of others?

Kirtan is more than just singing the Divine names, It is an ancient and sacred science of true love that takes self-mastery. This 5 day immersion retreat will lead you to discover who you are as an imprint of your voice and self-expression as you dive into a magical current and become a powerful human instrument of the greater Ocean of Love.

Please note: You are welcome to bring an instrument.