Transformational Cleansing with Dr. Tom

December 14 - 20, 2014

Tom Francescott


Are you living your life on auto-pilot? Need help to rest, rejuvenate, and push that reset button? This doctor-supervised, gluten-free juice cleanse provides the tools and jumpstart you need to radically change your life, boost your energy, and find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

Drawing on 15 years as a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Tom Francescott blends intuitive healing with naturopathic therapies to create a detoxifying cleanse that is personalized to meet your individual needs. Safe for healthy individuals and for those with chronic symptoms, this natural detox helps you restore your vitality with a carefully designed menu of cleansing juices and anti-inflammatory foods, along with cleansing supplements, to catalyze detoxification and transformation in the body, mind, and spirit.

Through naturopathic teachings, personal time with Dr. Tom, mindfulness-based exercises, and sound journeys, you experience and learn to:

  • Cleanse and revitalize all your detoxification organs
  • Let go of trauma and other physical, mental, and emotional toxins
  • Identify your food allergies and healthy alternatives to eat
  • Balance your hormones and reduce inflammation
  • Recharge and repair your adrenal stress glands
  • Prevent infections and heal candida with diet, herbs, and probiotics

You return home feeling great and with the knowledge and inspiration you need to make positive, informed, and healthy choices.