Luminosity: Dancing the Body Sacred, A Transcendent Spiritual Practice

Andrea Mantell Seidel


Drawing on a broad cross-cultural, interdisciplinary perspective developed from Seidel’s life-long study of the interface between dance and religion, this DVD/lecture and workshop explores how the practices of diverse sacred world dance and ritual traditions bring the body and mind into a harmonious connection with nature, the cosmos, and the Divine. By contextualizing the body as a sacred site, the center point or axis mundi of life’s journey, and through disciplined, intentional thought and rhythmic action, dance has the potential to unify mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Through a series of basic structured improvisational exercises, natural movements, and creative visualizations drawn from sacred ritual dance practices, participants will learn how to listen to the rhythms of the breath, heighten bodily awareness, and create more inner and outer space and expansiveness. Through movement, the essence and natural state of life itself, participants gain access to the transcendent, revelatory experience at the heart of every great religious tradition.