Sacred Sounds: A Weekend of Classical Indian Music & Dance


G.S. Sachdev

G.S. Sachdev is recognized worldwide as a master of the bansuri (North Indian flute). He is one of the premier performers on this traditional instrument. His pure and classical approach instills tranquility and carries listeners beyond the mind into deep meditation.

Pooja Goswami

Pooja Goswami, PhD, was born in a musical family and received her early training in Hindustani (North Indian) classical music (vocal) from her father Sri. Surendra Goswami. She completed a Ph.D. in Music in 2005, from the University of Delhi.  Dr. Goswami is also trained in semi-classical music from the eminent vocalist Smt. Shanti Hiranand, the reigning queen of Thumri and Ghazal (semi-classical vocal genres) and the universally acclaimed successor of the legendary vocalist, the Late Begum Akhtar. The versatility in Dr. Goswami’s repertoire is evident in her ability to sing Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal, Bhajan and various folk genres (e.g. Chaiti, Kajri) besides Khayals. Dr. Goswami has held adjunct faculty positions at the School of Music, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Macalester College, Saint Paul, Minnesota, teaching courses in Indian music and culture. She has performed widely internationally.

Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

has been trained by Pandit Chitresh Das since 1996. Her performance experience includes seven tours with CDDC throughout India, numerous lecture demonstrations, and national and international touring. A senior instructor at Chhandam, Farah oversees the Mountain View branch of Pandit Das’ institution.

Nitin Mitta

Nitin Mitta is one of the most accomplished and distinctive tabla players of his generation. Born in Hyderabad, India and now based in New York City, he is a dynamic soloist, as well as a highly sought after accompanist who has performed with some of India’s most celebrated Hindustani classical musicians. Nitin has also made a mark as a versatile collaborator in other spheres, recently joining forces with 2010 Grammy Nominee Pianist Vijay Iyer and electric guitarist R. Prasanna to produce a studio album titled Tirtha.

A. Pavan

Dr. A. Pavan has studied tabla with several masters over the years and presently trains with Ustad Shabbir Nisar, the illustrious son and disciple of Ustad Shaik Dawood Khan. Dr. Pavan’s has been associated with the Indian Music Society of Minnesota (IMSOM) since 1989. He continues to be very active in IMSOM and presently serves as a member of the Advisory Board. Dr. Pavan was the Executive Director for several of IMSOM’s big concert productions in the past.