Essential Permaculture for Yogis

Bill Wilson


The elements in this training come from the world recognized 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course. Bill has assembled some of the most essential and useful pieces of this training to give the beginning and experienced student effective ideas of where and how to apply permaculture thinking and design to their own yard, life and community. This is a condensed version of the full PDC course.

Permaculture (permanent-culture) is a design approach which develops sustainable, abundant, and integrated ways of living that work with nature, harvesting her natural abundance in only sustainable ways. Permaculture honors the earth as it does people. Much like yoga, permaculture is essentially a spiritual approach to living consciously, harmoniously, responsibly and healthfully on the planet.

By practicing permaculture it is possible for us as individuals and communities to not only live abundantly but to do so while leaving the planet in better condition than when we arrived on it. We can live lightly. We can live well. We can each make a difference... a big difference.

'For practitioners of Yoga, permaculture can offer a practice in which our external actions express the core yogic teachings of the unity of all creation and the yamas and niyamas. For practitioners of permaculture, Yoga offers an understanding of our basic spiritual nature which underpins all our actions.'

— Swami Omkarananda


  • Creating landscapes that come alive with beauty and food
  • Growing food almost anywhere including concrete lots, rooftops, and apartments
  • Multiple ways to hold water on the landscape when/where needed
  • Creating low-cost abundance
  • Connecting to the life and the work that we love

Bill’s goal is for students to leave this training seeing the world through a new pair of eyes and possessing the confidence, know-how and inspiration to begin their own projects. 

Besides a deeper understanding of permaculture, at this workshop students will receive a wealth of handouts and links that will assist in anchoring the training and help to facilitate one’s continuing search for meaning, abundance and an authentic life.


'Sampling the Yoga tradition at this unique site on Paradise Island, Bahamas, will help students better appreciate the connection between spirit and the real abundance surrounds us at all times.'

— Bill Wilson