Yoga for Healthy Bones

Beata Barnard (Savitri-Devi)


This retreat offers a complete program to promote healthy bones and support well-being. Its content includes Yoga, Ayurveda and Recreation Therapy theory and practice with the purpose to slow down bone loss and rebuild strong bones. The theoretical part contains information providing good understanding on how our well-being depends on the inner architecture and functions of the bones. The practical part, begins with an assessment for safe yoga practice, and continues with yoga poses focused on balance, endurance and strength. Activities and open discussions are for support, so together we facilitate a therapeutic lifestyle for optimum bone health.


I am 78 years old and recently spent a week at the Sivananda Retreat, slowly reawakening my body to yoga after not practicing it for 15 years. I was very careful not to push myself too far during regular classes, but was reluctant to attend Savitri Devi's Yoga for Healthy Bones class because I do not have osteoporosis and I am in good shape for my age.

However, I am glad I went to Savitri Devi's class because it was a bit of a surprise to me and it was very beneficial. Though the poses seem easier, I felt they went deeper and the stretches went further because they were taken slower. I appreciated her personal attention as she showed me right ways to move, correcting the poses as we went along. I believe that Savitri Devi's classes are very beneficial to develop balance, endurance, and strength.

They also apply to more than osteoporosis — they apply to people like me, who have to slowly re-awaken their body in their older years. 

Thank you.

Marcelle D., Montreal