Near-Death Experiences & Life-After-Death Conference


Nathan Katz

Nathan Katz, PhD, is Distinguished Professor in the School of International and Public Affairs; the Bhagawan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies; and Director of the Program in the Study of Spriituality at Florida International University. The world's leading authority on Indian Jewish communities, he is a pioneer in the field of Indo-Judaic studies. His books include Spiritual Journey Home: Eastern Mysticism to the Western Wall, Who Are the Jews of India?, and 13 others.

Raymond Moody
Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, has studied near-death experiences for almost 50 years and is the best-selling author of 12 books. His groundbreaking book Life After Life has sold over 13 million copies worldwide and inspired a surge of scientific interest in life after death. Dr. Moody trains hospice workers, clergy, psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on matters of grief recovery and dying.

Eben Alexander

Eben Alexander, MD, is a neurosurgeon and the author of Proof of Heaven, the story of his own near-death experience, which convinced him of the reality of an afterlife. Chairman of Eternea, he speaks worldwide to promote the power of love, encourage research, and to reconcile medical science with spirituality.

Rabbi Arthur Seltzer

Rabbi Dr. Seltzer has been a student and teacher of Kabbalah for almost 30 years while maintaining a Medical and Healing practice in Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Kabbalistic, and Energy Healing in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently, he is a Lecturer of Oriental Diagnosis in the School of Natural Medicine of the University of the Western Cape and practices from the Healing Cloister which he established with the goal of enabling seekers to realize their own deep personal inner healing and transformation. Rabbi Dr. Seltzer also is the director of the Mystical Cloister, a centre for the learning of Kabbalistic texts, Soul Journey Work, and Kabbalistic Meditation. He is currently working on a major manuscript entitled The Chaos of the Holy and the Healing of the God of Creation, focusing on Kabbalistic, Alchemical, Gnostic, and Jungian understandings of the esoteric traditions emerging from the Book of Jonah and its commentaries.

Samani Unnata Pragya

Samani Unnata Pragya is a Jain nun who was specially initiated to spread the faith and to seek salvation through the rigorous practice of Jain religion. She is presently serving jointly as an Assistant Professor at Jain VishwaBharati and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Florida International University. Samaniji obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Bangalore University, India, and her BA, MA & M.Phil degrees in Jainism & Comparative Religion & Philosophy from Jain VishvaBharati Institute. She specializes in Jain Philosophy & Comparative Religion; Preksha Meditation, Healing & Yoga; Science of Living.