Quantum Reality and the Spiritual Mind

Lothar Schäfer


The Spiritual Mind is a mind that can search for truths in the non-empirical background of the universe. In the European age of the Classical Sciences, the Spiritual Mind was an illusion because science denied the existence of a non-empirical realm of the world. In contrast, the phenomena of quantum physics are now revealing that a non-empirical background exists in the universe, which doesn’t consist of tangible things, but of non-material forms or patterns of information. These forms are real, albeit non-empirical, because they have the potential to act in the empirical world. They form a realm of potentiality in the physical reality and all empirical things and concepts are emanations out of this realm. There are indications that the forms in the realm of potentiality are contiguous and mind-like, like the thoughts in our mind. Thus, the background of the universe now appears as an indivisible wholeness, and consciousness is a cosmic property. In view of this structure of the world, we must now think that the evolution of life is primarily not a process of the adaptation of life forms to their environment, but a process of the adaptation of the mind to increasingly complex forms in the cosmic realm of potentiality, which use our mind to actualize their order in the empirical world. From this structure of the world, some simple rules of conduct follow, which suggest that the good life is in accordance with the order of the universe, and the power of life is rooted in kindness and mutual support, rather than in aggression and selfishness.