Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Certification


This course trains yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners to be able to provide personalized Yoga Therapy programs to their students and to conduct dosha-specific yoga classes at yoga studios. The course curriculum includes the diagnosis of constitution (prakruti) and the current state of the doshas (vikruti). Students will study the energetics of each asana and pranayama through an understanding the nadi, chakras, and vayus of the body. Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists play an integral role in the healing process of their students/patients and can work by themselves or alongside Ayurvedic practitioners, medical doctors, and other health-care professionals.

Yoga Teachers: This course is 13 days to assure proper foundational training in Ayurveda.
Dates: March 17 - 29, 2014

Ayurvedic Practitioners: This course is 9 days with an emphasis on the application of Ayurveda to the practice and teaching of yoga.
Dates: March 21 - 29, 2014

Students of this course will study:

  • Foundational Ayurvedic principles and philosophy
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Ayurvedic psychology
  • Nadi, chakras, and the five vayus
  • The five koshas and healing
  • The three gunas and healing
  • Prana, tejas, and ojas and healing
  • Energetics of asana and pranayama
  • Vata, Pitta and Kapha yoga asana classes
  • Pratyahara as a healing tool
  • Meditation as a healing tool
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra – the art of conscious deep relaxation

Dr. Halpern will be assisted by Sri Devi (Marisa Laursen), CAS, AYT.

This course is open to yoga teachers from all traditions and to Ayurvedic practitioners of all schools.


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"What I liked best about the course was the amount of information presented and the precision with which it was delivered." — Lilavata Papa

"Every yoga teacher will want to have this in their background" Christianne Valdes

"It was exceptional from beginning to end." Terry Suess

“What I liked best was how clearly Dr. Halpern explained such complex concepts." Avry Budka

"The course gave new depth and meaning to yoga practice which I have been doing for 36 years." Joanne Lutz, MSW, LICSW

"This was more than an Ayurvedic Yoga Certification Course, it was a personal journey that will forever affect how I approach all of life. This class put a lot together for me." Ashley Wayman

"As a yoga teacher, I think this should be a part of every teacher training course." Carla Olla

"I found this course to be inspiring and motivating" Glenna Jordan

"This was a remarkable spiritual as well as educational journey." Shakti (Jackie Ader)

"As a yoga teacher of 8 years, this course was the answer to my prayer. Not only did it open my eyes to professional growth but it exceeded every expectation I had about growing personally and spiritually." Kimberly Freesh

"The quintessential experience of integrating body, mind and spirit. I loved the experience." Isha McCaskey

"It was a deeply spiritual yet very practical experience." Eileen Crone

"The course is exactly what I was hoping for." Karen Zamzow, D.C.

"This course brought a new depth to my knowledge of the asanas and my practice which I can't wait to share with my students back home." Susannah Gust

"I pretty much loved everything. This was a well-thought-out course and the presentation was easy to follow." Ivy Berruca

"Everything was perfect." Norah Nasturas

I highly recommend it to anyone, whatever their previous experience is." Carin Cundey (Omkari)

"This is an essential program for yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga and healing." Michelle Weiss

"I feel like what I taught before was unskilled compared to what I know now. Our teacher has given us the tools to heal ourselves and the world." Arati

"Dr. Halpern is knowledgeable, clear and experienced. He has a wonderful way of taking a vast amount of information and making it very accessible." Saraswati

"Dr. Halpern has a great intuitive understanding of where everyone is coming from on their journey." Rachel Persaud (Radha)

"Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy has opened up a whole new potential for healing and self-discovery in my teaching and in my personal practice." Ronnie Joe Grooms (Narayana)