Depression & Anxiety: Yogic Perspective & Remedies


Join us for this informative, healing and inspirational week focused on empowering you on relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Known as one of the leading causes of disability among people ages 15 to 44, the Yogis teach us that depression and anxiety are due to separation from your true nature, from your essential Self.

During these four days, reconnect with your essential Self while you learn how to apply appropriate techniques to do just that. You will also be taught specific asanas and breathing practices, dietary guidelines, guided relaxation and visualization techniques to help relieve these conditions. You will also explore positive thinking methods and meditations that prove great success in healing. Depression and anxiety can hold you back or become a precious turning point in your life’s journey. They can become your teacher, signposts, inviting you to change your perspective on life. It is when you are brought to points of despair in your life that even a small shift in your viewpoint opens the door to a totally new, more joyful experience of your Self. Yoga ignites such a shift in perspective. Take home valuable tools to help you transform depression, anxiety and stress into a deeper communion with your essential Self.

This program is open to all suffering from depression and anxiety and is also beneficial for yoga teachers who would like to focus in this area of healing. Open to all yoga experience levels.