Meditation Immersion Course

May 25 - 29, 2015

Swami Brahmananda


To achieve lasting happiness and absolute peace, we must first know how to calm the mind, to focus, and eventually to transcend the mind. By turning the mind inward, we can deepen our concentration and attain a state of meditation. Learn about the nature of the mind and how to develop concentration and inner stability. Be guided in basic meditation techniques and get inspired to establish a daily meditation practice.

Topics of this course include:

  • The purpose of meditation and Self-enquiry
  • The nature of the mind & how to find peace of mind
  • Techniques of meditation & overcoming obstacles in meditation
  • Necessity of controlling emotions and thoughts
  • How to improve concentration
  • How to handle stress
  • Introduction to chanting and mantras
  • Ethical lifestyle: the fundamentals for meditation practice


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I learned meditation over 30 years ago and have practiced on and off over that time period. The depth to which this meditation course has outlined the many key elements of successful meditation simply astounds me. I thought that I understood the practice of meditation, yet it’s taken the Ashram course to give me the tools to truly develop a sound practice. Thank you. — Christopher Dallmus