The Power of Asanas: Uncovering the Effects on Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Maria Fernanda Tresslar (Parvati)


Using the Sivananda asana practice (with variations), we will explore how each asana provides a portal to healing body, mind and spirit.  Each area of the body holds onto certain emotions and memories.  These attachments can lead to pain and illness in the body. Learn where in the body we hold emotions and how to bring consciousness to your practice. Understand how the chakras relate to the asanas. Experience the depths of the poses on all levels. Develop a spiritual practice that meets your physical and mental needs.  

  • Day 1:  “Grounding & Finding Balance” – Feet & legs: finding strength and balance in the present moment
  • Day 2:  “Releasing the Past & Grief” - Lower Back, Abdomen, Hips & Gluts:  releasing the past 
  • Day 3:  “Opening Your Heart to the Future” – Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, Chest, Heart, Arms:  opens the heart to love, compassion and gratitude
  • Day 4:  “Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit for a Balanced Life” - Asana as a meditation and how to develop a nourishing sadhana (spiritual practice)