Awakening Kindness: Finding Joy Through Compassion for Others

Nawang Khechog


One of the marvels of being human is that we can choose to nurture and cultivate kindness, compassion, and love. The Dalai Lama wrote in his foreword to Nawang Khechog’s book, Awakening Kindness, “I commend Nawang for his efforts to awaken others to the understanding that, as a source of lasting happiness and joy, kindness and compassion are among the principal things that make our lives meaningful.”

In this weekend retreat, Nawang will draw on his experiences as a Buddhist monk and more than 20 years of presenting his kindness workshop to teach the many ways we can enrich our lives by simply being kind to each other and ourselves. This program, will include observing days of kindness, meditation, chanting, in-depth teaching, and the universal dance of kindness.