MoGo (Most Good): Live Your Values, Achieve Global Change

Zoe Weil


Discover a path toward living a life that is more aligned with your deepest values, access your talents and vision, and chart a course toward your personal and planetary goals. When we make choices in our lives that do the most good and the least harm – to ourselves, other people, animals, and the environment – we help bring about both inner and outer peace. Yet making such choices is challenging: We often lack information about the effects of our choices on others, and we sometimes lack the will to pursue the knowledge that will enable us to make more compassionate and sustainable choices. Even when we do seek out relevant information to guide our decisions, we still find that we are embedded within unjust, inhumane, and unsustainable systems from which we cannot easily extricate ourselves, leading some to decide that what they do can’t really make a difference. But the truth is that we can make a profound difference in the world, and our lives will become more meaningful and joyful in the process.