A Practicum on Yoga of the Voice: Modalities and Ways to Implement Voice in a Therapeutic Setting

Silvia Nakkach


Integrate, present, and have your sound healing skills evaluated in order to achieve a new level of excellence in your practices. The Practicum is an empowering way to integrate sound into your current healing practice as well as gain professional sound healing experience and explore career options within professional settings. It follows the 5 stages to create the work you love inspired in an ancient and effective systematic approach to personal realization: Clarity of Intent, openness, completeness and engagement from the mind the heart, ripening of potential, manifestation and action. Previous courses with the instructors are recommended, however new students would be able to participate upon instructor's approval. Seize this rare opportunity to be with two world leaders in the sound healing field who will give you their complete attention to assist you in realizing your dreams.

Please bring:
The book Free Your Voice, by Silvia Nakkach. A recording device to record the sessions and the chants.