Classical Indian Music & Dance Festival


G.S. Sachdev

G.S. Sachdev is recognized worldwide as a master of the bansuri (North Indian flute). He is one of the premier performers on this traditional instrument. His pure and classical approach instills tranquility and carries listeners beyond the mind into deep meditation.

Swapan Chaudhuri

Swapan Chaudhuri is considered one of the top masters of tabla in the world. He is the Director of Percussion at Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. He developed his skill through years of accompanying Ali Akbar Khan and other leading musicians of India.

Aashish Khan

Aashish Khan is a renowned master of the sarod, the famous North Indian string instrument. He was initiated into North Indian classical music at the age of five by his grandfather, the legendary Acharya Baba Allauddin Khan.

Aruna Narayan

Aruna Narayan is the daughter of renowned Sarangi maestro Pandit Ram Narayan. The Sarangi, an ancient bowed instrument of Northern India, is considered one of the most difficult to master.  Aruna has not only captured her father’s disciplined, serious style, but has also developed a unique voice for her instrument with a warm and generous musical temperament. Her playing is impressive in its subtlety, precision and grace as well as in its powerful and weighty bowing. Her music has been featured in international and Hollywood films. Her recordings are available on Nimbus and Zig-Zag labels. In addition to international performances, she frequently appears on TV in India. Presently she resides in Toronto, Canada where she teaches and performs.

Labonee Mohanta

Labonee Mohanta, trained by Kathak maestro Pandit Chitresh Das since the young age of 8, proves to light the stage with her speed, grace, and flare.  She brings mesmerizing movements, fiery footwork, and rhythmic exploration to the stage, and is well-known to amaze audiences with her lightning speed spins.  As one of the most energetic dancers of her generation, Labonee Mohanta has performed powerful displays of both dance & music to great acclaim in dance festivals throughout the US, Canada, and India.  She also employs Panditji's innovation Kathak Yoga where she simultaneously sings the rhythmic cycle, dances complex mathematical patterns, and plays the harmonium.  In addition to dancing as a Kathak soloist, Labonee tours internationally with the Chitresh Das Dance Company and is a teacher and branch director at the Chhandam School of Kathak.

Nitin Mitta

Nitin Mitta is one of the most accomplished and distinctive tabla players of his generation. Born in Hyderabad, India and now based in New York City, he is a dynamic soloist, as well as a highly sought after accompanist who has performed with some of India’s most celebrated Hindustani classical musicians. Nitin has also made a mark as a versatile collaborator in other spheres, recently joining forces with 2010 Grammy Nominee Pianist Vijay Iyer and electric guitarist R. Prasanna to produce a studio album titled Tirtha.