Yoga Peace Ambassadors Course

Elaine Valdov


Yoga Peace Ambassadors welcomes you to become an Agent of Change in a world so much in need. Find your inner passion for making a difference in the world and turn this passion into action.

This course is designed to train yoga teachers and practitioners to become peace leaders in local, national and international communities. Participants will learn how to create, lead and take part in significant humanitarian efforts. They will build leadership skills to put into practice their own ideas for promoting peace, understanding and compassion.

Learn about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (see below) and will be guided to build skills in creating programs which will aid in the accomplishment of these humanitarian goals. Gain tools to create initiatives for realizing their visions!

Learn three main skill sets:

  1. How to tap into your life passions and to build significant programs / projects around these passions, that help the lives of many.
  2. How to create and/or join humanitarian initiatives that help to alleviate significant world issues, specifically focused on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (see below).
  3. how to create and build programs/projects/initiatives in your own Yoga practice/Yoga Ashrams and Centers, community centers, schools, etc. that address local to international concerns.

About the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):

ALL Presidents and Prime Ministers, from around the world, at the United Nations Millennium General Assembly, created the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),  in order to help create a better world for all. They have asked the world community to come together to help accomplish these humanitarian goals, including:

  • eradicating poverty and hunger
  • providing education for all
  • empowering women and providing for gender equality
  • decreasing childhood mortality
  • increasing maternal health
  • reversing the trend of HIV AIDS, malaria, TB and other diseases
  • providing for a sustainable environment
  • working together as partners for development

As a Certified Yoga Peace Ambassador You Can:

  • Help to create “peace” initiatives in Yoga Ashrams / Centers, communities, schools, universities, businesses, etc., that will accomplish any of the UN MDGs – joining people around the globe who are working to create a better world for all
  • Create your own organization, focusing on poverty/hunger, women empowerment, education, health, the environment, etc.
  • Help to build programs around the UN International Days (International Women’s Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, International Day for Poverty Eradication, etc.)
  • Create programs that bridge Yoga practices and the MDGs (ie: Yoga for the Homeless, Yoga in Hospitals, Yoga for Abused Women, Golden Yoga / Yoga for Seniors)
  • Evolve your own Yoga Practice to help expand the concept of “Inner Peace for Outer Peace”
  • Be an "Agent of Change" in your own personal life and in your local and world community

The Yoga Peace Ambassadors Course is open to all practitioners of Yoga. Please bring a laptop computer, if availalbe.