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Watch: An Investment Banker-Turned Yogi Brings Healing to War Vets

—video interview and blog post by Sura ( Molly Birkholm was an investment banker in New York City when she nearly died in a serious taxi cab accident. After an SUV struck them sideways while running a red light, Molly experienced near-death injuries, enduring a fractured skull and a severe spinal injury. After witnessing her …

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If The World Is Illusion, What Is The Purpose Of Science?

Science & Spirituality: Integrating Disciplines

Join us for a variety of conferences, symposiums and workshops with world renowned scientists, authors and theologians as they investigate a variety of topics integrating science and spirituality. Check our website for upcoming programs.

What Is the Relationship Between Grace and Karma?

Russill Paul & The Bhakti Boys

Join Russill Paul & the Bhakti Boys for The Yoga of Sound March 21 – 22, 2014 Allow the sacred power of sound to bring you fully alive during two days of high-energy chanting and devotional bliss. Through mantra recitation and ecstatic kirtan you will experience the transformative power of sound.

How to Become Fearless & Develop Confidence

Prana Balancing Techniques with Dale Buegel, MD

During the upcoming Prana in Life Enhancement program held December 20 – 22, 2013, participants can learn to work with pranas (energies) directly to facilitate balance on the physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Working with poses and the breath helps to regulate prana indirectly; learning to directly sense flows and blockages of energy helps us …

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Yoga for Teens! Kick Asana!

Watch this video on teaching yoga to teens. The Yoga Retreat will be offering a Teen Yoga Teacher Training Course taught by Charlotta February 2-6, 2014. For more information or to register click here:

What Must Be Done to Achieve Samadhi?

Jai Uttal & Daniel Paul – The Maha Mantra (and a few surprises)

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