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Watch: An Investment Banker-Turned Yogi Brings Healing to War Vets

—video interview and blog post by Sura ( Molly Birkholm was an investment banker in New York City when she nearly died in a serious taxi cab accident. After an SUV struck them sideways while running a red light, Molly experienced near-death injuries, enduring a fractured skull and a severe spinal injury. After witnessing her …

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Teaching Yoga and Relaxation to Children, by Mira Binzen

“Why practice yoga?” I asked the children at the beginning of our yoga class at Bloom Yoga Studio last week. “How do you think it helps you?” Hands shot into the air. A six-year-old boy wearing new Harry Potter glasses went first. He stated matter-of-factly, “Yoga clears your mind and relaxes your body.” All the …

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Inspiring Ashram Upgrades

Garden Bathrooms

The next time you visit us, you will notice a few improvements: the temples have been repainted, walkways have been repaved, 24 tent huts have been added, the Garden bathrooms have been expanded, there are new picnic tables, and the gardens have new plantings. Here are a few photos. Welcome and enjoy!

The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will be held November 26 – 30, 2013. For details and to register, click here. In this day and age of being constantly on guard due to an overwhelming bombardment of stimuli, when does one have an opportunity to unwind, relax and recharge? It’s no wonder we are all stressed out. …

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Make Sure You Keep Receiving Our E-Newsletters!

As some of you may know, Gmail completely altered their web-based email interface last week. Many email blasts and e-newsletters are now showing up in a separate Inbox entitled “Promotions”. To change how Gmail handles your “Promotion” emails and to make sure you keeping receiving the latest news from the Yoga Retreat, follow the directions …

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Yoga for Teens! Kick Asana!

Watch this video on teaching yoga to teens. The Yoga Retreat will be offering a Teen Yoga Teacher Training Course taught by Charlotta February 2-6, 2014. For more information or to register click here:

Chair Yoga Training with Saraswati

Check out this upcoming course with Stacie Doorek (Saraswati). Learn how to make Yoga accessible for everyone — seniors, those with disabilities or limited mobility, the chronically ill, Alzheimer patients, pre-/post-surgery patients, and those recovering from injuries — so that all can enjoy the benefits of Yoga in a safe, gentle way.

10 Day Advanced Hatha Yoga Retreat

With Krishna Darshan and Mahashakti February 21 – March 2, 2013 $200 tuition discount is available for students arriving from destinations outside of North America. The practice of hatha yoga begins with asanas, but its aim is to achieve the state of meditation and Samadhi, or super-conscious state. For that, further steps in the practice …

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Permaculture and Yoga in the Bahamas… Discover the spiritual roots of permaculture and Yoga, with Bill Wilson, Becky Wilson & Swami Omkarananda in this 11 day Certification Course.

Visual Yoga: March 23-28, 2013


Visual Yoga is a beautifully artistic way to teach yoga through body movement, facial expressions and natural gestures. This certification course is designed to educate and empower yoga teachers on the proper techniques, vocabulary and visual cues necessary when you have Deaf or Hard of Hearing yoga students. Yoga Journal states there are some 34 …

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