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Gracious Living Creamy Apricot Salad Dressing


Oddly delicious and always nutritious! Arugula spinach salad with walnuts & hemp seeds, topped with Gracious Living Creamy Apricot Salad Dressing.

Gracious Living Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Recipe contributed by Grace Van Berkum & Gracious Living   * handful of raw cacao beans * Sunwarrior plant-based chocolate protein powder * 3 tbsp dandelion root powder * 3-4 cups of unsweetened coconut milk (or almond milk) * 1 frozen banana * 1 cup frozen papaya * 1 tbsp maca powder * 1 tsp …

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Spring Detox & Juice Fasting – April 2013

Spring Detox & Juice Fasting

Gracious Living Yoga Lifestyle Retreat


Check out our recently added course offered by Grace Van Berkum: Gracious Living Yoga Lifestyle Retreat. [] Over the course of 5 days, Grace will guide you through the 5 points of Yoga established by Swami Vishnudevananda and teach you how these principles can help you lead a gracious, healthy, vibrant life, with a strong …

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NEW! Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Certification Course


Would you like to integrate Ayurveda into your life and practice? We are delighted to let you know of our new ”Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Counselors Certification Course“, taught by Durga Leela and Sita Chaitanya, which trains and certifies Ayurveda Wellness Consultants. The course will take place at the ashram May 10 – 19, 2013. This is …

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Gracious Living Raw Food Retreat

Gracious Living Creamy Tomato Miso Dressing

1 tomato handful of walnuts handful parsley 1 tbsp miso juice of 1 fresh lemon 1/4 cup 100% extra virgin cold pressed olive oil 1 cup water 1 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp turmeric Blend till smooth & creamy. For more amazing recipes, visit Grace’s blog at or take one of her upcoming Gracious Living …

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Creamy Papaya Pudding


(raw, vegan, nutritious, easy, delicious) Gracious Living Creamy Papaya Pudding is an easy to digest, anti-inflammatory pudding that is great for breakfast, snack, or dessert. It offers protein, calcium, enzymes, essential fatty acids and fiber. More importantly, it is simple to make and delicious!

Paul Epstein ND – The Mind Body Connection Dr. Paul Epstein discusses the connection between mind and body in relation to healing chronic pain and other conditions which are significantly impacted by stress.  

Cashew Goji Superfood Cookies

The following recipe can be a healthy, nutrient dense breakfast, snack, or dessert that will provide you with sustainable energy. It’s an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids too.

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