10 Day Advanced Hatha Yoga Retreat

With Krishna Darshan and Mahashakti
February 21 – March 2, 2013
$200 tuition discount is available for students arriving from destinations outside of North America.

Advanced Sadhana Retreat

The practice of hatha yoga begins with asanas, but its aim is to achieve the state of meditation and Samadhi, or super-conscious state. For that, further steps in the practice are needed, which are in fact, not very well known in the modern world of yoga.

Hatha yoga really deals with the manipulation of the currents of Prana and Apana, which are the ones that keep the mind in an agitated and dualistic state. Once the Pranic currents are controlled and neutralized, the “vrittis” or waves of the mind subside and the state of meditation is then experienced.

In the path of Hatha yoga, there are some practices that are taught openly to everyone, even in cities and large groups, and there are other practices that are to be taught and practiced only in a special secluded environment, and under the individual supervision of a qualified teacher and following a special diet and other regulations.

The Advanced Hatha Yoga Retreat is specifically aimed to people who are already dedicated yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and spiritual aspirants who wish to deepen their yoga practice.

Give yourself a precious gift: Have a real retreat from all your usual activities, take 10 days to immerse yourself into an advanced sadhana (dedicated spiritual practice) time, without any distractions, in the highly spiritual and healing energy of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat.

During the Retreat, we will emphasize the practice of pranayama, which is done 3 times a day in progressive levels and lengths. The practice or pranayama gradually “becomes” a practice and experience of meditation.

The daily schedule will further include the practice of asanas, Japa yoga (mantra meditation) and study of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other classical yogic texts.

The Retreat aims to give individual guidance to the students according to their personal capacity and helping them to reach a deeper internal direct experience. It combines group practices with individual practice time such that students will spend most of the day immersed in their practices. The practice of silence (mouna) and introspection is also encouraged.

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